The Autonomic Internet

IST-AUTOI - The Autonomic Internet



The objective of Autonomic Internet (AutoI) is to create a communication resource overlay with autonomic characteristics for the purposes of fast and guaranteed service delivery.

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Most people think of the internet as only being comprised of a series of websites but there is a whole framework that supports those websites and makes the internet as we know it possible.

Today, those websites are transmitted via networks made up of servers, gateways and other infrastructure devices.  At it’s core the internet is ‘simple networking.’

Most people are more interested in learning how to build a website (link 1, link 2) than they are in knowing how the infrastructure behind websites actually works.

Most website companies (link 1, link 2) hook into the network for their customers and the customers are happier for that.  They don’t care about knowing the technological system behind making their website work.   The majority of internet users just want the website they are searching for to come up when they look for it.

For example, when a user performs a search of Google for a website about a particular topic that is what the user wants to find.

The Autonomic Internet is a targeted architecture whose purpose is to provide a framework different from the current networking simplicity that is currently used so that as internet use continues to grow the framework will be able to grow with it instead of being a barrier to future internet expansion.

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